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Looking for a cost effective telephony solution for your real estate business but Have You Asked?

  • Can customer reach my sales person anytime on their smart phone as an extension?
  • Can customer reach the same sales person when he calls back from same number ?
  • Can I have auto dialing for my telesales?
  • Does it support direct inward system access (DISA)?
  • Can I manage multiple sites /branches from one location?
  • Can the calls be routed based on projects?


KEDITEL VOIP provides latest technology based IP-PBX for inter communication for modern apartments, villas, modern gated community house colonies for free calling between houses.


Smart phone as extension :
KEDITEL VOIP IP PBX supportssmart phones as extensions within Wi-Fi range. This features helps customer to reach the sales person anytime.
Remember my calls:
If the customer calls back from same number, KEDITEL IP PBX will automatically route the calls to the sales person who previously attended the call.
Call center solution with auto dialing:
KEDITEL IP PBX provides complete call center solution, which handle both outbound and inbound calls. It enables voice blasting, ACD dialing, report generation and many more.
Multiple sites /branch connectivity:
With KEDITEL IP PBX, the real estate company can have seamless communication between sites / branches.
Time based call routing:
KEDITEL IP PBX allows to route the calls to different extensions /destinations based on the time call is made.
Direct inward system access (DISA):
KEDITEL IP PBX enables employees to access the office IP PBX from outside to make STD, ISD and local calls at anytime. Hence reduces in calling cost.
Call based on the projects:
KEDITEL IP PBX enables the real estate company to assign separate DID number for each project and receive calls based on projects.
Other Features :
  • Auto Attendant Menus (IVRs)
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Conference Rooms
  • Ring Groups
  • Local Extensions
  • Call Parking

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Technical Specifications

Network Interface 2x Ehernet 10/100 Base-RJ45
ISDN PRI Interface (Optional)
Mobile 4GSM (Optional)
ISDN PRI DSS1 (Q931, National Variant
Mobile GSM 850/1800/1900 MHZ Channels
CODECS ADPCM, G711 (A-Law & U-Law, G.723.1 (Pass through) G.726. G.729
(Through purchase of commercial license) GSM, ILBC, Linear, LPC-10 Speex
PRI Card T1 / E1 Port with optimum PCI interface
Dimensions 2U/4U Form factor Chasis
Mounting 19’ Rack


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