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Are You a manufacturing company looking for ways to migrate from Legacy PBX system to robust IP PBX System?

Why Use Keditel IP-PBX for Manufactoring

Our cloud telephony solutions provide manufacturing businesses with an easier and cost-effective way to communicate. With call recording, call transferring, virtual receptionist and more, the features that cloud telephony can offer far outweigh those provided by a legacy PBX (private branch exchange). The simple interface makes it easy to use these features and we have a dedicated support team on hand to assist with any training required.

We find the manufacturing industry lends itself to having multiple employees; our can solutions provide the link between them. Employees can connect remotely and are able to use their phone, laptop or tablet to make or receive calls. We do not charge for internal calls which we find promotes a "call anytime" policy; encouraging users to communicate where usually they might not.

Our scalable and mobile solutions make it easy for businesses to expand or even move premises and the lack of hardware required and wireless solutions make initial setup simple, whilst promoting a safer and cleaner work environment.

Simplified phone system management:

Accelerate distribution cycles to speed time-to-market so customers have faster, more convenient access to your goods.

Enhanced Communications:

Unified communications between locations so you can talk, chat, share screens and more. Distributed offices and remote plants can communicate as if they were at the same location.

Increase Productivity:

Employees work more productively thanks to powerful unified communications capabilities at their fingertips. Our collaboration tools help the team stay on schedule, track down materials and orders, and stay on top of suppliers and shipments.

Enhance Customer Experience:

Call routing, dial-by-name directories and queuing options ensure that calls get to the right department or person fast. Watch customer service scores climb!

Call Center Features:

Keep tabs on call center performance and customer satisfaction levels with our contact center solutions. Call center staffers can easily sign in and out of call queues, and managers have access to training tools like call recording, call monitoring or barge and whisper (talk to an agent without customer hearing).

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