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1. Easily Track & Bill Your Clients for Calls

  • Review call reports showing date/time, length of call, caller id, and who took/made the call anytime online using your Web-based control panel.
  • All call data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis including billing your clients.

2. Record & Store Important Phone Calls

  • With our call recording you can choose to record all your calls, or record some calls
  • Call recordings can be stored on a USB storage device plugged into your phone (must have a Polycom VVX 501) or on our secure web based servers
  • Listen to your recordings securely anytime

3. Route Calls Anywhere with an Auto Attendant

  • An Auto Attendant greets your callers and routes them to the correct department or extension.
  • Callers hear music or a marketing message while on hold.

4. Voicemail to Text Transcription

  • Easily read your voicemail messages anytime - anywhere – even while in court!
  • Attached to the email is your .wav file (the recorded message)

5. Master the Art of Mobility

  • Advanced features like simultaneous ring, call forwarding and our KEDITEL iPhone App allow you to conduct business as usual, regardless of where you are.

6. Easily Schedule a Conference Call

  • Setup a conference call anytime with your own dedicated conference bridge phone number.
  • Our system automatically emails your attendants reminders with conference call pin information.
  • Use your conference bridge anytime you want to conduct an ad-hoc conference call.

7. Never Miss a Call with Our Auto-Expanding Lines

  • Auto-Expanding Lines feature, your callers will NEVER get a busy signal even during peak calling times.

8. Make Calls From Your Cell Phone with the Caller-ID of Your Office

  • Use our KEDITEL iPhone App and Android App to make and receive calls while on the go.
  • All calls from the KEDITEL App shows your firm's caller-id and not your personal caller-id.
  • Transfer calls to your office.

9. Ring Your Office, Your Cell & Your Home Phone Simultaneously

  • With a Hunt Group, our system can automatically ring your office phone, cell phone and home phone, simultaneously or in sequence, so that you never miss an important call.
  • Voicemails are sent to your email where you can listen them sooner using your smartphone.

10. No IT Department Required

  • With KEDITEL there is no expensive equipment to purchase or store, no software to maintain, and zero on-site maintenance.
  • We maintain all the software and hardware for you.

11. Securely Send/Receive Faxes Over the Internet

  • With KEDITEL Telecom's Fax to Email feature, you can send faxes online and receive faxes as an email attachment.
  • Easily store, organize and backup faxes electronically, and conveniently access faxed data on your mobile device.

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