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Looking for a cost effective telephony solution for your hotel / resort but Have You Asked?

  • Does it support smart phone as an extension for guest / staff?
  • Can I send instant SMS to guest during check-in & check-out?
  • Does it support billing facility for room call?
  • Can I schedule wake-up call for guest?
  • Can I provide VoIP calls for international travellers?

KEDITEL VOIP brings a complete integrated telephony solution which facilitates better and efficient communication in the hospitality sector. With KEDITEL VOIP IP PBX, hotels / resorts can now provide superior service to guest and enhance the customer experience.


Smart phone as extension with Wi-Fi Client:
KEDITEL IP PBX supports smart phones as extensions within Wi-Fi range . This features helps the guest to access on duty room service st aff easily for instant services
Video Conference facility:
KEDITEL IP PBX has in-built web based video conferencing facility which allow the business traveller to conduct video conference on request from their room. Also the hotels can use video conference for their internal meeting with their branches.
Conference bridge faciltiy:
With in-built conference bridge facilty, KEDITEL IP PBX allows the business traveller to have call conference on request from their room with no cost.
SMS alert for check-in & check-out:
This feature enables front desk to send instant SMS to guest during check-in and prior to check-out time.
Room call billing:
KEDITEL VOIP IP PBX can be easily integrated with call accounting software and generate the room call bill instantly.

Wake Up Call Facility
This feature allows to schedule wake up calls either from front desk or guest room and play a predefined message
VoIP Call :
KEDITEL VOIP IP PBX allows to have VoIP call facility to international guest on request, reducing calling cost for international travellers.
Other Features :
  • Built in call recording
  • Call detail report
  • Voice mail
  • Voice mail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Call forward & call back
  • Auto attendants
  • Custom message
  • Receptionist console
  • Third party software integration (CRM, HMS, ERP , PMS)

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Technical Specifications

Network Interface 2x Ehernet 10/100 Base-RJ45
ISDN PRI Interface (Optional)
Mobile 4GSM (Optional)
ISDN PRI DSS1 (Q931, National Variant
Mobile GSM 850/1800/1900 MHZ Channels
CODECS ADPCM, G711 (A-Law & U-Law, G.723.1 (Pass through) G.726. G.729
(Through purchase of commercial license) GSM, ILBC, Linear, LPC-10 Speex
PRI Card T1 / E1 Port with optimum PCI interface
Dimensions 2U/4U Form factor Chasis
Mounting 19 inch Rack


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