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Looking for a cost effective telephony solution for Hospital? but Have You Asked?

  • Can I talk to doctors during their rounds on their smart phone as a extension?
  • Does it support instant calling for emergency attenders?
  • Can I schedule appointments and send reminders to patients and doctors automatically?
  • Can I make overhead ward announcement from normal phones?
  • Does it support video conference for urgent case discussion and consultation?
  • Can I record and track the calls for quality monitoring & disputes resolution?
  • Can I integrate with our exisiting hospital management system?

KEDITEL VOIP brings unique telephony solution to health care sector which facilitates better and efficient communication as comapred to a traditional EPABX. It help to improve the communication between patient and doctors or hospital staffs and enhance productivity while keeping the cost under control.


Smart Phone with Wi-Fi Client:
KEDITEl IP-PBX supports smart phones as extensions within Wi-Fi range. This feature helps the doctors to access easily while roaming around the hospital premises
Code based alarm:
KEDITEL IP PBX enables emergency calls from any extension to the emergency team members through their mobiles / extensions.
Appointment scheduling/reminders:
KEDITEL IP-PBX allows you to schedule appointments through IVR system. SMS can be sent automatically to patient / doctors to remind the upcoming appointments
Video Conference facility:
IP-PBX has in-built web based video conference facility which enables the doctors to discuss for urgent case discussion / consultation at anytime.
Paging System:
IP-PBX supports paging system to make overhead ward announcement with one click call from your extension.

Call recording facility:
KEDITEL call recording software can record the calls for quality monitoring and disputes resolution. It can filter voice files based on source, destination, time & duration
Third party software integration:
As KEDITEL IP-PBX is built on open standard, it offers easy integration with exisiting third party integration –HMS.
Other Features :
  • Built in call recording
  • Call detail report
  • Voice mail
  • Voice mail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Call forward & call back
  • Auto attendants
  • Custom message
  • Receptionist console
  • Third party software integration (CRM, HMS, ERP , PMS)

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Technical Specifications

Network Interface 2x Ehernet 10/100 Base-RJ45
ISDN PRI Interface (Optional)
Mobile 4GSM (Optional)
ISDN PRI DSS1 (Q931, National Variant
Mobile GSM 850/1800/1900 MHZ Channels
CODECS ADPCM, G711 (A-Law & U-Law, G.723.1 (Pass through) G.726. G.729
(Through purchase of commercial license) GSM, ILBC, Linear, LPC-10 Speex
PRI Card T1 / E1 Port with optimum PCI interface
Dimensions 2U/4U Form factor Chasis
Mounting 19 inch Rack


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