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At KEDITEL, we are individuals from around the globe with diverse personal and professional experiences. We share a desire to do meaningful work alongside bright, engaged people. We’ve learned to combine our strengths and balance our individual perspectives. We embrace excellence and the highest ethical standards for the benefit of our stakeholders.

New Concept Technologies is a leading application development and telecommunication company based in USA and Australia, and supported by global resellers network. NCT has been an innovative powerhouse in communication technologies, VolP Services and Products since 2008.

We provide VolP software for ITSPs, corporate entities and government and non governmental organizations (NGOs). We offer a turn-key system for ITSPs without the need of any third party applications.

With aTeI Class 4/5 Softswitch, ITSPs can offer Carrier/Wholesale Services, Residential VoIP and Calling Card Services, Conferencing, Voice Broadcast, PBX with advanced features, Fax Solutions, Call Center with integrated CRM tool, Auto Dialer, Chat Software, International Mobile Top-Up, Callback, Callshops, SMS Marketing Solution, VoIP Termination, Click-to- CaII Software and other add ons without any need for third party applications.

Our solutions are highly scalable, user friendly, modular, flexible, and integrated with a mature VoIP Billing System, Provisioning System, Auto- configuration system and variety of other advanced features. Our products are compatible with SIP based applications/equipment manufactured around the world.

Since inception, our strategic advantages have been our expertise, creativity and technical competence. We enable ITSPs to deliver the highest levels of performance and quality using our carrier grade, reliable and scalable Systems.

Our passion at NCT is to facilitate wise technology investment decisions that provide a measurable return on investment to our clients.

| Intuitive:

Establish, set up and manage your online phone system in a user-friendly interface and in real time. Come and try our products free of charge.

| Flexibility:

We offer a scalable solution according to your needs. Pay-as-you-go products offered at very flexible terms.

| Experience:

Our company is one of the foremost experts since 2004 and still running strong. We hold thousands of clients in India and is regarded as one of the largest VoIP providers in the country.

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Award-Winning VoIP Solutions:

Quality connections lead to proper conversations. This is what you can expect with Bridgei2p. We are so dedicated with our work that we have won numerous awards for it.

Expect no less than the best and the most advanced cloud-based telephony services at very affordable prices. We are constantly working on improving the overall user experience and pushing the latest technological breakthroughs on all our complementary products.

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