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Unified Communication

  • Small and Medium Enterprise IP PBX
  • Large Enterprise IP PBX
  • Telepresence and Video Conference Solution

Clients and Devices

  • SIP Phone
  • Executive IP Phones
  • Soft Clients
  • Clients for Smart Phones
  • Analog Phones
  • Video Phones

Our Product Range


A complete telephony solution suits all type of enterprises, from small to large. Now double your communication at half cost.

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Call Center Dialer

Handle large volumes of calls smartly by using KEDITEL Dialers. Available for both in bound & outbound processes.

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Video Conferencing

Connect & collaborate with your clients, partners or employees using view calls. Reduce the travel expenses & increase the productivity of every interaction.

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Let technology filter your calls traffic. A smart solution to handle large call volumes with limited resources, personalized messages & call routing.

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Office IP Phones

Those looking for an easy-to-use, high quality DECT cordless IP phones for small business or residential use should look no further than the KEDITEL Office IP Phones

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GSM Gateway

Reduce the company’s telephone expenses by reduced the call rates. Also, send messages via “SMS”.

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Why Hosted PBX

Unlike many other service providers, KEDITEL supports the Hosted PBX offering over the
Tier 1 KEDITEL national network, enabling you to move your PBX functionality into the cloud.

Learn how Hosted PBX solutions can support your business

With live voice quality monitoring, built-in redundancy and an uptime service guarantee, Hosted PBX from KEDITEL has all of the benefits you need to easily and confidently deliver high-quality voice and Unified Communications across the enterprise.

Hosted PBX packages all of the telephony and UC features needed by most businesses into one of the most comprehensive UC-as-a-Service offerings in the marketplace. With Hosted PBX you can alleviate the capital and operational costs of buying, managing and upgrading expensive phone lines, systems and software.


Enjoy virtual PBX functionality without the upfront capital costs of upgrading your phone systems.

More Robust Business Continuity

Continue communications during unanticipated service disruptions


Service is delivered over KEDITEL’s private network, ensuring call quality and clarity


Reduced complexity and easier management


Add locations and employee users quickly, or have us do it for you using KEDITEL Hosted PBX Concierge

Network Security

Telephone and Unified Communications are managed in a private cloud

Integration Capabilities

Integrate with Skype for Business as well as leading CRM platforms

Lower Cost of Ownership

Freedom from costly, inflexible infrastructure

Reduce Equipment Expenses

Upgrade to full IP-PBX features and functionality without new equipment

Predictable Monthly Cost per Employee

For company-wide voice and UC features

Realize Operational Savings

Free local and site-to-site calling within enterprise network

Integrate and Migrate Other UC Technologies Seamlessly

Choose your own pace

End User Benefits

Hosted PBX easily accommodates employees’ desires to communicate using the devices and UC tools they’re used to, wherever they are working.

Consolidated services for mobile workers

Voice, text, instant messaging, email and video in a single system

Group handling

Groups of employees can handle incoming calls as efficiently as any contact center

Work from wherever you are

Move voice calls, text messages and video chats between desktop and mobile phones without interruption

Flexible call routing

Accommodated through the hosted square key feature for specific industries


Unprecedented return on investment from the leading business VoIP and SIP Trunking provider

Individual User Features Highlights
KEDITEL Anywhere
  • Automatically move a call from your mobile to a fixed phone without dialing extra numbers

  • Automatically forward voice mail to your email

  • Make and receive calls from any device, anywhere, with one phone number, one dial plan, one voice mailbox and a unified set of features

Alternate Numbers
  • Be reached through up to 10 other phone numbers or extensions
Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Block calls from parties that restrict their caller IDs from view
Automatic Call Back
  • Call someone back when their phone isn’t busy
Busy Lamp Field
  • Enable receptionists to monitor employees’ phone status, wherever employees are working
Call Return, Transfer and Waiting
  • Use an abbreviated code to call back the last person you spoke with

  • Transfer calls

  • Answer calls while already engaged with others
Corporate Dial Plan
  • Call others within your company without dialing 10 digits
Multiple Call Arrangement
  • Speak to two parties before transferring a call

Multiport VOIP-FXS- FXO Gateways System for Large Organisations with KEDITEL Systems

Modern organizations need accesstostate of the art telecom networks like PSTN and the SIP connections for the benefits of cost, convenience and quality. Hence KEDITEL multi-channel,is transparent and flexible VoIP to PSTN gateway system needed by large organizations and government agencies around the world.

KEDITEL IP PBX has over 94 features making it the most flexible PBX available in the market today. Here are some of the PBXs features:

Application Diagram

Large Business System

For Residential Purpose

KEDITEL System Multi Locations Connections

A leading Pharmaceutical giant seamlessly connects its globally located branch offices with KEDITEL IP Phone Systems and Softswitch.

Case Study

A research driven pharmaceutical giant with global operations, required to seamlessly connect all locations without changing existing communication setup. KEDITEL IP Phone Systems with the ability to meet future requirements of multi-site connectivity and smooth migration towards IP enabled infrastructure was an ideal solution.


  • 3 Way Calling
  • Auto Attendants
  • Barge In on Call
  • Blind Call
  • Block Anonymous Calls
  • Block Caller ID
  • Call Detail Records
  • Call Forward


  • IP enabled Phone Systems at Multiple Locations
  • Multi-Site Connectivity over IP Networking
  • PRI Trunking for Outbound Calls
  • Advance Call Management with Class of Services
  • Uniform Dial Plan for Inter-Site Calling

The solution offered by KEDITEL included number of IP Phone Systems with small to large user capacity at headquarters and remote offices interconnected over IP networking. KEDITEL systems were easily deployed in the existing MPLS network at the customer location. The MPLS infrastructure had a huge data transmission capacity which was underutilized; KEDITEL IP Phone Systems used this capacity for voice communication. Along with analog and digital phones, KEDITEL Phone Systems extended ISDN PRI connectivity for regional calling to suffice the need of existing users. Matrix IPPBX was configured to restrict numbers prefixed with International location codes over PRI line to avoid long distance communication overheads. Understanding the need to unify the users across locations, closed user group (CUG) feature configured in KEDITEL systems at each location allowed employees to reach any co-worker by dialing a 4-digit short code. KEDITEL with its future ready IP Phone Systems provided flexibility to customers without compromising on the dialing habits and existing telecom infrastructure.


  • Easy Integration into Multi-Vendor Environment
  • Unification of Dispersed Users across Locations
  • Access to New Generation IP Telephony
  • Free Inter-site Phone Calls

Communication Solution for Offices & Call Centers


Solving the communication issues for enterprises


Lets you offer personal touch to your customer


Connecting your employees remotely, so they can be more effective & efficient


Storing the call data to your server for future access

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